Chicago Chancery Court Attorney

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a case, legal disputes may end up in chancery court (sometimes also known as equity court), rather than in the traditional law courts. These two arenas are distinguished by different legal processes and the fact that in chancery court, disputing parties have no right to trial by jury.

This is a highly nuanced area of law that few attorneys have handled in-depth. Norman J. Lerum, P.C., is one of the few Chicago-area law firms known for exceptional service and a high caliber of representation in this specific area of law.

Learn more about your options for pursuing declaratory judgments, injunctions and other remedies in chancery court. Arrange an appointment with Norman J. Lerum, P.C.

Pursuing Court-Ordered Actions In Litigation

The vast majority of litigation arises when an individual or business is seeking recovery of damages for some type of wrongdoing (i.e., breach of contract, personal injury claims, etc.). Some cases, however, require a more flexible approach to the remedies requested.

These remedies are often found through court orders that require actions to be taken, perhaps through amendments to contracts in dissolution of partnerships, orders to have buildings repaired in condominium association litigation or protective orders that prevent harmful action from taking place.

Chancery matters can also relate to disputes over intellectual property, trade secrets, trading algorithms, computer software, and fraudulent transfers. See, for example, Mr. Lerum's handling of the defense in Lake Treasure Holdings,Ltd. et al. v. Foundry Hill GP LLC, et al. , Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware, Case No. 6546-VCL. See also, Sutherland v. Sutherland.

Personal Service To Address Your Legal Concerns

As a seasoned trial lawyer, Mr. Lerum has spent nearly as much time in chancery court as in traditional court, helping his clients pursue favorable outcomes through more targeted means.

Mr. Lerum's career has spanned more than 39 years. During that time, he has developed an astuteness and flexibility in the courtroom, effectively responding to new information with confidence and persuasiveness before judges and opposing parties.


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