An Experienced Advocate For Employment Contract Disputes

The competitive employment environment is fiercer than ever across all business industries. Companies are intent on keeping their top talent. As a result, employment contracts are complex and often highly restrictive. Noncompete clauses, performance bonuses, severance packages, profit-sharing agreements and other components of employment contracts can become the focus of an employment contract dispute.

The Lerum Law Firm helps employers and employees in Greater Chicago resolve contract disputes. We assist in enforcing employment contracts, including covenants not to compete.

Effective Solutions Reached Efficiently

Although we have extensive business and contract litigation experience, and we have produced stellar results through trials, we also bring value to our clients by realizing when a successful outcome can be reached without the costly process of litigating. We are skilled mediation and arbitration lawyers who have extensive experience appearing in judicial and nonjudicial settings.

Attorney Norman J. Lerum has represented companies and professionals in the medical field, real estate, finance and numerous other industries. We take the time to understand each client's situation and objectives fully before developing a legal strategy. By working with clients at the outset to create an image of what a successful outcome looks like, we are able to help our clients set realistic expectations and determine the most efficient and cost-effective means to reach a solution.

Tell Us About Your Employment Contract Dispute

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and review the facts of your employment contract dispute during a consultation. We will provide a candid assessment and recommend an effective course of action. Call 312-782-1087.