We Resolve Contract Disputes So You Can Focus On Your Business

Contracts outline the terms of a business agreement, but disputes still arise over the most clearly worded contracts. At The Lerum Law Firm, we know how disruptive a contract dispute can be to your business. We work with clients to resolve disagreements quickly and cost-effectively, and we often accomplish this without the need to litigate.

Our firm handles a broad spectrum of contract disputes, including:

Our Experience Is A Big Hammer

Attorney Norman J. Lerum has represented Chicago-area companies across a broad spectrum of industries in contract disputes for four decades. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about applicable laws and whether there are precedent-setting cases that could have bearing in a dispute.

While it is important to emphasize that Mr. Lerum is an accomplished trial attorney who is always prepared to advocate in court for his clients, an equally valuable component of our legal counsel is carefully analyzing the facts of a case and determining when it makes better sense to reach agreement outside of court.

Some contracts require the parties to resolve their dispute through arbitration, a process that requires its own set of skills. We understand the differences between litigation and arbitration, and we have successfully resolved disputes using both processes.

The Path To Resolving Your Dispute Starts Here

To discuss your contract dispute with a knowledgeable lawyer at Lerum Law Firm, call 312-782-1087. We work with clients in Cook County, Lake County and throughout the Chicagoland area.