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Civil Appeals Require A Unique Skill Set And Extensive Experience

The outcome of a lawsuit is not always favorable. If the stakes are high, a party who is unhappy with a court ruling will likely appeal the decision. Developing and presenting a compelling appeal demands a skill set that is decidedly different from that used to prepare a case for trial.

Norman J. Lerum, P.C. in Chicago provides clients with experienced and accomplished appellate representation across a broad range of business and civil disputes. We represent business entities and individuals who wish to appeal a court ruling or defend against an appeal. We handle appeals for cases we litigated in a lower court as well as cases that were litigated by other firms.

Does An Appeal Make Sense?

It is important to emphasize that an appeal is not an opportunity to present new information or try a different legal strategy. In an appeal, it must be shown that mistakes were made by the trial court that adversely affected the outcome of the case. One of our key roles is to review carefully the decisions of the lower court and the actions of the attorneys to determine if filing an appeal makes sense.

It is possible to resolve a civil appeal without litigating. While it is not as common to reach agreement out of court on appeals as it is before a trial, litigation is not inevitable. Both sides may have strong reasons to seek a settlement. We will review this option and pursue it if it makes sense for you.

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Attorney Norman J. Lerum has practiced law since 1975. He has extensive experience handling complex business matters and is highly skilled in developing and presenting appellate arguments for clients across a wide array of industries.

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