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We Stand Tall Against Acts Of Bad Faith By Insurers

Insurance companies, like any other business, are intent on maximizing profits. Unfortunately, the focus on their bottom line can lead insurance companies to deny claims, refuse to defend their insureds, refuse to provide insurance coverage when a claim is made against an insured, or to pay a claim fairly. An insurance policy is a contract between an insurer and you, the policyholder. When an insurance company does not live up to that contract, the policyholder can bring a breach of contract lawsuit against the company.

Norman J. Lerum, P.C. in Chicago advocates for policyholders when an insurance company is operating in bad faith. Attorney Norman J. Lerum worked as an insurance company defense lawyer early in his career. His knowledge of the tactics insurers use to deny claims, as well as what records are necessary to support a claim fully, allows us to build strong cases on behalf of our clients.

Insurance policies are complex contracts that are loaded with legalese and industry terminology. Illinois courts have held that if an insurance contract is ambiguously worded, it will be construed in favor of  the insured. We make the law work for you. Call 312-782-1087.

When Can You Act In An Insurance Coverage Dispute?

The most common lawsuits against insurance companies occur when an insurance provider refuses to pay a claim made by a policyholder or when an insurance company refuses to defend a policyholder who is named as a defendant in a lawsuit. An example, the handling by Mr. Lerum of a claim against an insurance company based on a breach of its duty to defend: Country Mutual Insurance Company v. Thomas Olsak, which resulted in a $3.0 million judgment against Country Mutual after a ten-day trial. See Opinion of Judge Michael Mullen.

Insurance companies have the resources and the experience to engage in a prolonged dispute over a claim. If you are struggling with an insurance company regarding a claim that you think has been wrongly denied, it is critical to work with an experienced bad faith insurance attorney like who will put you on equal footing — an attorney like Norman J. Lerum.

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We represent both individuals and commercial entities in insurance disputes, which may involve property insurance, including homeowners insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, errors and omissions , director and officers insurance, business liability and business interruption insurance.

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